Wednesday, November 29

Gosh, Mikey was right: Adam's Song by Blink182 is really depressing. Better shake that one off with a little incandescent gas!

Tuesday, November 28

If you consider lots of naked butts to be part of a 'family site', you'll have no problems going to buttsacrossamerica. Otherwise, be warned: this site has nakedity galore! All that said, many of these images are great! Meep Meep. Run over to Texas - you'll love Paisano Pete..

Here's a nice blog for aspiring iPaulonesian writers out there. (that's people who read iPaulo who like to write; not people who want to write for iPaulo - special classes will be held later for those folks)

Monday, November 27

Hey. Mikey found something I think you'll all just love.

Got old computers you don't know what to do with? IBM and Envirocycle are going to help you recycle them. Any manufacturer's computers can be recycled.

Sunday, November 26

Howdy Ho Ho Ho. My first Christmas pages are up. I had hoped to Christmasfy iPaulo's blog, but I didn't get around to it. I was too busy on my 32nd birthday going to dinner with everybody and finding out why Bruce was Unbreakable. Had a good birthday; thanks to everyone who came.

Thursday, November 23

Happy Thanksgiving! And to all my international iPaulonesians, have a nice November 23rd.

Friday, November 17

Oh! Today's Astronomy Pic of the Day is spiffy. Don't miss it.

How wude of me! I should have used the name of the aforementioned Who - Dithering Denise Gappy Doo Who.

A lovely Who of Korean decent informs me my Who name is "Paparazzi Paul Prickly Slew Who". She must have meant to email someone else -- my true name has always been "Impressario iPaulo Pickled-stew-Who". To learn your Who name, go to Whoville City Hall.

Wednesday, November 15

Oh, BTW, those were all enjoyable movies. Contender and Best in Show were great movies. The others varied from good to almost great. The only bad movie I've seen recently was that stupid movie with Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson on DVD. Stay in a Galaxy, Far Far Away from that one even if you consider both actors amazing.

I bought a new cell phone last weekend. If anyone knows how to WAP enable a site, please let me know.

Two big events today! I found my gloves I like so much and now my whole outlook on leaving the house at 6am during our recent coldspell has changed completely

The other thing: Mac OSX Public Beta. I installed it today on one of work's G4 400's with 128 MB of memory. For surfing, it was really fast. OmniWEB was nice. Love being able to get a unix shell on a Mac. 8-)

Monday, November 13

Gosh, I've been bad. To give my loyal iPaulonesians something to gawk at, I'll run down my recent movies and books. I've seen da Angels, Contender, Best in Show, Bagger, and Men of Honor and Billy Elliot. I also read a fine book: Replay by Ken Grimwood.

Sunday, November 5

Ooops. I meant 15 to 1.

Saturday, November 4

What are the odds that Chandra will use my number? I give myself 1-15. Not great, but just enough to keep life interesting. Thanks V.

Wait for it... Wait for it. More rafting photos to follow soon. Sorry Mr. Golly...I fix your problem and then bamn! your 5 minutes of fame are up.

Thanks to Mr. Golly Himself for pointing out a problem Netscape had with my html.